Monitor sales remotely & create reports on the fly

Cloud based sales management & sales team monitoring system. Track sales team locatioon, receive orders from dealer's remotely, offer schemes & discount and many more features. Speed up products selling process using modern technology.

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Our Amazing Features

Sales monitoring system offer many unique features. Some of them are:

Task Assignment

Automates entire process of task assignments to your sales team. Track sales team progress with reports.

Online Ordering

Get instant orders from dealers and speed up selling process. Offline orders if out of coverage.

Stock Management

Register company products and manage stock. create instant reports and analyze the selling behaviour.

Sale Team

Create & manage sale team in admin dashboard. Assign team members to distributor order processing.


Register dealers in the system. Create reports & sales reports of dealers to effectively knwo the worth of a dealer.

Distributors Panel

Sell products in a region through distributors. Manage multiple distribution points and manage stocks.

Offer's & Discount

Give offers and seasnol or fixed discounts to your dealers/clients. Manage region to offer multiple schemes.

Realtime Reports

System let you create realtime reports so that you can analyze statistics before making important business decesions.

About Us

We are providing companies modern tools to boost the revenue.

Sales monitoring system is a modern platform for companies to boost their selling process. System is capable enough to be configured so that it can work without internet while sales team is visiting the area where they are unable to connect with internet.

Why Sale Monitoring System?.

Sales Monitoring System is elegant in its operational concept of a 'Service Oriented Approach'. The distributed and synchronized data provides the source of information needed for sales team, administration and management at a much higher speed. It is designed to speed up various tasks across the sales system that benefit all the stakeholders. Sale Monitoring system helps administration to manage the sales efficiently. Administrator can assign the tasks(like visits to specific customers or area) to any member of sales team. Sales team can view the assigned tasks on a mobile device(running our mobile app). Sales team member can update the completed tasks via mobile application. Sales team could also create an order for customer while they are visting to a customer. Administrator can monitor the performance of sales team in real time.


Advantages for Company

Sale Monitoring System provides the foundational tools & capabilities you need to quickly & cost effectively streamline the way you communicate with your sales team and manage information. It helps your organization to grow and transform in an efficient way. Better insight enables you to adjust business processes to lower costs and improve productivity for better outcomes. Sales Monitoring Systeim helps making smarter decisions with rich contextual and role-specific information that drives automation and streamlines execution.


Advantages for Administration

Sales Monitoring System inbuilt functionality assists in increasing productivity & efficiency of administration by automating & streamlining most of their processes. It facilitates administration to invest more time & efforts in strategic matters, than to carry out tedious administration tasks. It also removes ambiguity and duplication of work process and reduces back & forth flipping of papers which ultimately results inefficient staff performance.


Advantages for Sales Team

Sales Monitoring System provides the sales team a correct path to walk on. Sales team members can concentrate on their field work than to carry out tedious tasks like reporting back & and giving the feedback to administration of each task. The rich user interface experience of sales monitoring system gives sales team access to to assigned task & information. With the right information & they will be able to perform better during the visits.






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How It Works

Sales monitoring off you do you work in different ways as per your need. The most common workflow is:


Task Assignment

Assign task to sales team to meet the dealers in different regions.


Task Report

Team member submit his meeting report via their smartphone.


Instant Orders

After successful meeting with dealer team member can create an order for dealer.



System will create an instant invoice for dealer. Which can lead the process to products delivery.